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La Palma Starlight Reserve

La Palma Starlight Reserve

Landscape Astrophotography 

It started with a naive »once in a lifetime« story that leaded up to my first Milky Way photography. However my story didn’t end there but started to become a formative odyssey for me and my camera. In August 2018 I returned to the Canary Islands. Besides visits to Fuerteventura and Lanzarote I went to La Palma for many weeks – lived and worked near the capital Santa Cruz and got many chances to explore the famous night sky of the island. This is a selection of my favorite Images from the main Landscape Astrophotography Project »Canary Lullabies – My Cosmic Photo Adverntures from La Palma«


For the International Dark Sky Week 2020 I’ve made a Photo Series with some of my favorite and unreleased Images from the my latest Landscape Astrophotography Project about La Palma Dark Sky Reserve, »Aware that a view of the starlight has been and is an inspiration for all humankind, that its observation has represented an essential element in the development of all cultures and civilizations, and that throughout history, the contemplation of the firmament has sustained many of the scientific and technical developments that define progress«―La Palma Declaration

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