Wednesday, July 19, 2023
Milky Way

Milky Waytutorials

You have the camera body, a sturdy tripod, the right lens and maybe even a Star Tracker! Now it's time to invest in your education and get a head start on Milky Way Photography this year! Make 2020 the year that you Master Milky Way Photography!

What You Will Learn From The Online Workshop Replay

  • Eric’s Recommended Gear for Star Tracking Photography
  • Setting up your Star Tracker & Best Practices Out in the Field
  • Post-Processing Techniques for Star Tracking Images

This Course is designed to help an absolute BEGINNER learn everything they will in their first two years of Milky Way Photography in only a month or less. Depending on how fast you go through each module, you will jump start your Milky Way Photography with the knowledge of 60+ outings before you go out on your first Milky Way Adventure!